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African Safari

Brace yourself for the ultimate African adventure safari

Drive through the Delta in crocodile and hippo infested waters. Encounter lions face to face. Walk among herds of elephant.

The Okavango Delta, the only place where adrenaline never ends and where your African safari adventure begins

Why choose an OGS African adventure safari?

Standard African Safari

  • Guided game driving on a mapped out, scheduled route
  • Sit in a secure vehicle while viewing the big
  • View the Okavango Delta from a vehicle
  • Game guide is your protector and in full control

OGS African Adventure Safari

  • Encounter the dangerous Big 5 on foot with rifle at hand, protecting yourself
  • Drive and navigate your own adventure
  • You are your own protector and in full control
  • Mokoro (canoe) the winding delta waters alongside crocodiles and hippos

Looking for your next great safari adventure? Look no further than Africa

Experience the adrenaline as you track lions. Feel your heart pounding as you approach rhino. Feel the hairs at the back of your neck as snakes move through the undergrowth. Feel the ground tremble as an elephant charges.

Look no further, your ultimate African adventure safari awaits you:

  • Hear the lion roar at first light
  • Breath in the fresh African air as you open your tent
  • Touch paw prints in the African soil as you track leopard
  • See the glowing eyes of a hyaena outside your tent at night
  • Enjoy a beer as you share stories around the camp fire

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in the Okavango Delta today

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