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African Hoopoe
African Hoopoe

African hoopoe

African Hoopoe

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What safari guides should know:


Both in the FGASA Level 1 nature guide course as well as the BQA Level 2 course you will learn about the various types of nests that the common birds of Botswana make. The African hoopoe is a hole nesting bird with a bit of a difference because once the chicks hatch the nest starts takes on a terrible smell from the faeces of the young and possibly also a secretion from the preen gland. They are one of many species to be parasitized by the greater honeyguide but you have to feel sorry for the honeyguide chick that is reared in a nest full of hoopoe faeces!
The hoopoe is included in the 40 birds that Okavango Guiding School requires you to know for your basic birding assessment.


There is no mistaking this bird with its black and white barred wings, orange-brown body, long curved bill and unique crest.

Distribution in Botswana:

The African hoopoe is found throughout Botswana.

FGASA Level 1 Course Specialist Birding Course