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Yellow-billed Stork

Yellow-billed Stork

What field guides should know: On your nature guide course you will learn much about the birds of the Okavango including this magnificent stork. They have a most interesting method of hunting where they hold their long, powerful bill half-open as they slowly sift through the water. When the beak comes in contact with small fish or other potential prey, …

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Cape glossy starling

Cape Glossy Starling

What field guides should know: Perhaps one of the most fascinating things you will learn on our FGASA nature guide courses is how colouration in birds works and in particular the iridescence of birds like these starlings. In low light these birds appear to be almost black, but in the right light they radiate the most spectacular array of blues, …

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Chat flycatcher

Chat Flycatcher

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Blue waxbill

Blue Waxbill

Blue Waxbill What safari guide should know: This is a bird you will get to know well no matter which guide training course you do with us. They are magnificent and confiding birds. Blue waxbill are useful for alerting field guides to small predators such as snakes, owls, genets etc. They often make their untidy grass nests in trees near …

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Orange-breasted bush-shrike

Orange-breasted Bush Shrike

Orange-breasted Bush Shrike What safari guides should know: This is a fantastic bird to show guests that are interested in birds. No matter what safari guide course you do with us, you will be hearing this bird on a daily basis. However, if you don’t go looking for him, you may well never see it! Often referred to as guides …

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Senegal coucal

Senegal Coucal

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Fork-tailed drongo

Fork-tailed Drongo

Fork-tailed Drongo What safari guides should know: Particularly learners on our FGASA trails guide training course become very familiar with the drongo because they will actively mob snakes and other predators and these alarm calls are more audible when we are on foot. Drongos are the ultimate con-artists and are able to watch behavior of other animals and come up …

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Comb duck (Knob-billed duck)

Comb Duck

Comb Duck What safari guides should know: Many nature guides and in particular birding guides were incensed at the extensive name changes at the turn of the millennium. The comb duck was known as knob-billed duck previously and the large knob on the bill of the male of this species is quite unique. So why change a perfectly good name …

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African fish eagle

African Fish Eagle

Fish Eagle What safari guides should know: The Fish Eagle is a common resident of the Okavango and the call of this bird is without doubt one of the most evocative sounds of the African bush. All FGASA and BQA nature guide learners should be able to recognize both the bird and the call. The female has a deeper call …

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Lanner falcon

Lanner Falcon

Lanner Falcon   What safari guides should know: On our FGASA field guide course you will learn about the various groups of birds as well as species with special adaptations to fulfil their niche. The falcons are the masters of flight with the peregrine falcon being the fastest flying bird in the world. The lanner, like all falcons, specializes in …

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