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Rufous-naped Lark

Rufous-naped Lark

The Rufous-naped Lark is a common resident in the open grasslands of Botswana. The characteristic call often gives this bird away. In the Okavango only the Red-capped Lark shares similar habitat and they are distinctly different. Present at Kwapa Training Camp

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Lark Fawn-coloured

Fawn-coloured Lark

Fawn-coloured Lark is a common resident in the mopane scrub of the Okavango Delta. In the Okavango there are no other larks that share this habitat making identification easy. Present at Kwapa Training Camp

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White-crested helmet-shrike

White-crested Helmetshrike

White-crested Helmet-Shrike are common residents in the mopane scrub and woodland in the Okavango Delta. They live in family groups of approximately 7 birds and are cooperative breeders.

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Spotted flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

This common intra-African migrant is found in woodland and savannah habitats in the Okavango Delta. The characteristic wing-flicking makes this bird easy to identify at a glance. Present at Kwapa Training Camp in summer.

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Paradise flycatcher

Paradise Flycatcher

The Paradise Flycatcher is a common intra-African migrant and most common in woodlands and seems to favour Fever Berry thickets. Present at Kwapa Training Camp

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Marico flycatcher

Marico Flycatcher

Marico Flycatcher is a common bird in the drier regions of Botswana and occurs in the Okavango in the dry thorn-veld. Often associated with Acacia hebeclada. Present at Kwapa Training Camp

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Grey-tit flycatcher

Grey-Tit Flycatcher

Grey-Tit Flycatcher is a scarce and easily overlooked bird in the Okavango and found mostly in mature woodland. Most often located by it’s feeble trilling call. Present at Kwapa Training Camp

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Black flycatcher

Black Flycatcher

Black Flycatcher closely resembles Fork-tailed Drongo but is slightly smaller with a thinner bill and less deeply forked tail. It tends to feed within the tree canopy and not hawking insects in the open like Fork-tailed Drongo. Occurs at Kwapa Guide Training Camp

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Flycatcher ashy

Ashy Flycatcher

A common in the woodlands of northern Botswana. Most often located by it’s distinctive call. Lacks the white outer tail feathers of the similar Grey-Tit Flycatcher. Occurs at Kwapa Guide Training Camp

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Red-billed firefinch

Red-billed Firefinch

Red-billed firefinch is very common in northern Botswana and most easily confused with the Jameson’s firefinch which has no red on the bill. The female Red-billed firefinch resembles the brown firefinch but has red on the rump.

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