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Burnt-necked eremomela

Burnt-necked Eremomela

Burnt-necked Eremomela is common in the dry thorn-veld of Botswana. Almost always associated with Acacia tortillis or A. hebeclada. Occurs in small family groups and easily overlooked when not calling. Occurs at Kwapa Guide Training Camp

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Black cuckoo-shrike

Black Cuckooshrike

Highly dimorphic sexually with the male being pure black in Botswana occasionally with a little yellow on the gape but always missing the yellow that is present on the wing in the more southern race. They are common but easily overlooked. Prefers woodland and wooded savannah.

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Red-faced cisticola

Red-faced Cisticola

The only medium sized plain-backed cisticola in Botswana. It occurs along the Chobe and Linyanti systems in Botswana. Absent from the Okavango and Kwapa Guide Training Camp.

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Rattling cisticola

Rattling Cisticola

This chunky cisticola is by far the most common of the genus in the Okavango and is found in savannah habitats favouring thorny thickets. It is a very vocal bird and the relatively stocky build, strong bill and poorly defined black streaking on the back are diagnostic.

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Luapula cisticola

Luapula Cisticola

The Luapula Cisticola favours shallow flooded areas with sedge grasses. It is most similar to the Chirping Cisticola which prefers vegetation in deep permanent channels. The more rufous wing bar and contrasting black markings on the back further help to separate these confusing species. Common in the Okavango.

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Zitting cisticola

Fan-tailed Cisticola

Zitting Cisticola is common along waterways and areas with lush vegetation. Very similar to Desert Cisticola and best separated on call and habitat. Has a poorly defined sub-terminal bar on the tail that the Desert Cisticola lacks.

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Desert cisticola

Desert Cisticola

This small cisticola is very similar to the Zitting Cisticola and is best identified on call and habitat. It favours dry open grassveld. At close range the absence of a sub-terminal bar on the tail separates this species from Zitting Cisticola.

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Chirping cisticola

Chirping Cisticola occur in the permanent swamps of the Okavango and Linyanti systems in Botswana. The bird is most often encountered in large stands of Myscanthus grass. Most similar to Luapula Cisticola which favours more temporarily flooded areas with sedge grasses.

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Arnott’s chat

Arnott's Chat

Arnott’s Chat is found in the mature mopane and miombo woodlands of northern Botswana. This image is of the male bird which has white on the crown. The female has a black crown and white under the throat.

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Tropical boubou

Tropical Boubou

Tropical Boubou occurs in the far north and north-east of Botswana but is absent from the Okavango where it is replaced by the very similar Swamp Boubou. The swamp boubou usually lacks any of the salmon wash on the underparts.

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