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Crowned Lapwing
Crowned Lapwing

Crowned lapwing

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What safari guides should know:

When the crowned lapwings start alarm calling and dive-bombing this can be one of the most exciting moments on your nature guide or trails guide course. Unlike many of the other birds, the crowned lapwing tends to ignore the smaller predators and often alert you to the presence of cheetah, leopard and lion!

For all safari guides, knowing the alarm calls of these larger ground nesting birds is an absolute must and for this reason it is an assessment requirement on the FGASA and BQA Nature Guide and Trails Guide Courses.

They make their nests as a simple scrape on the ground and have incredibly well camouflaged eggs and equally cryptic chicks that are precocial (born with their eyes open, covered in feathers and able to move).


A medium sized lapwing mostly occurring in drier habitats than the other lapwings and having a prominent black-crown surrounded by white.


Common throughout Botswana.

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