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Lanner Falcon
Lanner Falcon

Lanner falcon

Lanner Falcon


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What safari guides should know:

On our FGASA field guide course you will learn about the various groups of birds as well as species with special adaptations to fulfil their niche.
The falcons are the masters of flight with the peregrine falcon being the fastest flying bird in the world. The lanner, like all falcons, specializes in catching other birds in flight but also takes bats, reptiles and insects. They can often be seen after rains feeding on termites on the ground. When hunting birds, they often hunt in pairs which increases the chances of success.


The large size and chestnut coloured nape are key features of this bird. The amount of streaking on the breast and belly is variable.

Distribution in Botswana:

The Lanner Falcon is an uncommon resident in the Okavango but far more common in the drier central and southern Botswana.


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