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Lesser-Striped Swallow
Lesser-Striped Swallow

Lesser-striped swallow

Lesser-striped Swallow

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What safari guides should know:

This is one of the only swallows to not migrate from Botswana in our winter and even more bizarrely will breed during this time. On our FGASA Level 1 course we study nesting behaviour and nest types and the mud nests of the swallows are certainly fascinating constructions.
While most guides will tell you that they are insectivorous they are known to hover or perch in various bushes and trees to feed on ripe fruit. The vast majority of their diet is flying insects.


Similar to the greater striped swallow but smaller in size and has much darker, more pronounced stripes on the breast and a richer orange rump. Greater striped swallow are seldom seen in northern Botswana.


Occurs throughout northern Botswana in low densities and typically only in winter.

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