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Flap-necked Chameleon

Flap-necked chameleon Chameleon dilepis

Flap-necked Chameleon is the only species occurring in Botswana. It is reasonably common in the Okavango but largely overlooked due to the exceptional camouflage.

Chameleons have hollow tongues which they retract onto a spike knows as the hyoid horn in the mouth. When the prey is within reach the Chameleon opens its mouth and the tongue muscles force the tongue out at great speed. The sticky, globular tip of the tongue has a loose piece of skin attached to it which, when the prey is hit, wraps around the target.

They have eyes that protrude and move independently of one another allowing to look for prey whilst watching out for predators at the same time.

They can change the colour of their skin depending on the camouflage required; this is done through pigment-producing cells called chromatophores.

During combat: they will head-butt, inflate their throat pouch, open their mouths to emit a hissing sound and change colour.

Breeding: most are oviparous. The and do not share territories and, only when mating, do they associate with one another.