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Mottled Shovel-Nose

Mottled Shovel-nose

Mottled Shovel-Nose frog is an uncommon frog in the Okavango and spends the majority of it’s time underground. They emerge after heavy rains to breed. The call is similar to a mole-cricket and so this species is often overlooked in areas where it occurs.

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Foam-nest frog

Foam-nest Frog

The foam nest frog is a common frog is suitable dry savannah habitat with long standing rain water pools. They are usually extremely well camouflaged and their nests are often the only indication that they are in an area. The nest is made by the female exuding a substance from the skin on her back and lathering the secretion. The …

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Bushveld rain frog

Bushveld-Rain Frog

Bushveld Rain Frog is a medium-small frog that has an inflated appearance with short legs and a very blunt nose. They emerge only after heavy summer showers.

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Banded rubber frog

Banded-Rubber Frog

Banded Rubber Frog is the most toxic of the southern African frogs producing a lethal caridotoxin from the skin. The black and orange/red aposematic colouration is unmistakable

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Giant bullfrog

Giant Bullfrog

Giant Bullfrog is the largest of the African frogs and can weigh more than 1kg. It lacks the broken bands on the upper jaw and the pale elliptical marking on the tympanic membrane of the African Bullfrog. Occurs at Kwapa Training Camp

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specked-bellied grass frog

Speckled-bellied Grass Frog

Speckled-bellied Grass Frog is found usually along permanent shallow flowing water but maybe at larger temporary water sources. As the name suggests, the underside is speckled. Colouring above is highly variable.

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