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New FGASA Trails Guide Requirements 2018

Trails Guide Training

New FGASA Trails Guide Requirements So what are the new FGASA Trails Guide Requirements? Trails Guide qualifications, with regards to hours, has been reviewed to ensure that high standards are set and maintained. The decision by the Standards Committee to change the number of hours came due to the demand from members, pressure from Insurance organisations and increased incidents in the …

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Elephant approach on foot

The first stage The first day that I was in Kwapa camp we went out for a walk. Peter Van Houdt as lead guide and Grant Reed (owner) as the back-up guide. We had no idea what a mind-blowing experience we were about to have… We headed west out of Kwapa Training Camp, crossing the Kwapa River by boat. There …

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Upgrading and becoming a Full professional Guide in Botswana


Introduction Ok, so you want to become a full professional guide in Botswana. Well, the Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) Nature Guide Qualification document  is not easy to understand at the outset. So, hopefully we can assist you to better understand how to go about the process. Requirements to qualify to upgrade Alright, to upgrade to Full Professional Guide you need …

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Requirements for Trails Guides in Botswana

Introduction So you want to become a trails guide in Botswana? Let us help you better understand the process.  Avoid being daunted by the verbose BQA requirements. Because of this, we have created this blog to help you understand the VPDA requirements. So, what does that mean? Well, it stands for Viewing Potentially Dangerous Animals (VPDA) on foot. People often …

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Becoming a Trails Guide in Botswana

Simulated Lion Charge

Trails Guide Theroy Becoming a fully qualified trails guide in Botswana is an arduous process. A trails guide takes the lives of his group in his hands when he walks out into the wilderness with a vast array of potentially dangerous animals. Before becoming a fully qualified trails guide, the student must first qualify as a back-up trails guide. The …

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I want to become a Safari Guide


So you want to become a safari guide? Many people from all over the world fall in love with the concept of becoming a safari guide or field guide. I get asked the question all the time over various social media platforms “how can I become a guide?” There is no simple answer to this question because every country has …

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