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Dragonflies Images

Two Banded Cruiser Dragonfly – Phyllomacromia contumax

two banded cruiser dragonfly Phyllomacromia contumax Kwapa Guide Training Camp Okavango Botswana

This large fast flying dragonfly is slightly larger than the darting cruiser and lacks the yellow stripes on the thorax. The abdomen is banded with pale-yellow and dark stripes. Prefers running water to breed.

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Old World Twister Dragonfly Thollymis tillarga

thollymis tillarga dragonfly (no common name) Kwapa Guide Training Camp Okavango

A medium sized dragonfly with unique cloudy wing patches. They tend to be active around water at dusk and dawn. It is wide spread in the tropics around the world including, Australia and Asia. Although they are permanently present in the tropics they expand their range with short-medium range migration into sub-tropical areas in the wet season.

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Swamp Emperor Dragonfly – Anax bangweuluensis

swamp emperor dragonfly Anax bangweuluensis central Okavango Botswana

The only large brick-red coloured dragonfly in northern Botswana. It is found in the papyrus beds of extending from the pan-handle to the central Okavango. It is found only in the Okavango and Bangweulu Swamps. Extremely fast and powerful flier.

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St Lucia Widow Dragonfly – Palpopleura lucida

St Lucia widow dragonfly Palpopleura lucida Kwapa Guide Training Camp Okavango Botswana

This small, pretty dragonfly is very similar to the Shadow-bridge Widow and females of the species are indistinguishable in the field. The male lacks the blue pruinosity on the back of the abdomen where it is replaced with black. Uncommon and relatively slow flying. Found along floodplains such as the Khwai River west of North Gate  

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Spectacled Skimmer Dragonfly – Orthetrum Icteromelas

spectacled skimmer dragonfly Orthetrum icteromelas Kwapa Guide Training Camp Okavango

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