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Female leopard surveying the area

FGASA Nature Guide Training Course – March 2017

FGASA Nature Guide Course March 2017

This early kick-off to our safari guide training courses at Kwapa Training Camp has been incredibly rewarding. So what has happened in the first 3 weeks of our FGASA Nature Guide Course March 2017? Once again, our course has been a wonderful mix of local and international students. The course begain in the tail end of the wettest year in Botswana for more than 20 years.

Mokoro Poling in the Green Season!

Students learn to mokoro

While the rain always brings with it it’s challenges, it also brough some great reward! Kwapa Camp lies in the temporary flood zone of the Okavango Delta. This means that only in high flood does the water push into our floodplains. Typically this is May – October, but this year the river is pumping after the epic rains and continues to rise. This means that our FGASA trainees  will be able to explore the lagoons, channels and floodplains by mokoro for the duration of 2017. Whatever challenges the rain has brought, will be compensated for by this fact alone.


Wildlife and other Encounters

Female leopard surveying the area

The most noteable wildlife event for this course was when trainer Jami Van Der Merwe managed to set a new record with 4 leopard in an afternoon drive! We have noticed a steady increase in general wildilfe as well as predators in the 12 years we have been in the area and in our first year we did not see 4 leopard! With more and more activity in the area, it has become difficult for poachers to operate as they did in the past. This has lead to a massive reduction in poisoning that wiped out so many predators and scavengers alike in this area.

Other interesting predator actvitiy in the area included the resident pride of lion skirting past camp. There have been several incursions of the wild dog into the northern part of the concession. They have been hunting frequently on the open plains around Lycan Pans. Cheetah have remained scarce with only occasional tracks being evident.

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