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Boating on the Okavango

Guide Training in the Okavango September 2017

Nature Guide Training September 2017

Boating on the Okavango

The flood waters of the Okavango have finally peaked and the Kwapa Training Camp concession is awash with water in its myriad of floodplains and channels. Our students in the Okavango are undergoing our nature guide training course. Winter is at an end and the first migratory birds have returned. We move now into the hottest and driest months of the year. It is not only the atmospheric temperature, the wildlife viewing is hotter than a chilli sprout!

And then…

Our FGASA and BQA Nature Guide trainees have been treated to some epic sightings. Our early morning boating excursion turned into a real Nat Geo moment when the wild dog burst onto the scene. After a fleeting chase of the kudu, the dogs set their sights on the impala. In a moment of desperation the impala fled through the shallow floodplain and realized too late this terrain is better suited to the broader foot-structure of the dogs. The slowest impala was the unfortunate victim of Darwinian selection.

Wild dog on foot

The water was too shallow to approach by boat. In a flash decision, guide trainer and owner Grant Reed, decided to lead the approach on the kill by foot. Although the students were at first weary of approaching the wild dog on foot the thought of missing out was too great. The trainee guides were privileged to get within 15 meters of these amazing predators as they were finishing the last remains of the carcass. 50 kilograms of impala had been reduced to skin, bone and intestines within a matter of 7 minutes.

_MG_6757_2042And then on with the guide training

And with that epic start to another morning of guide training in Botswana, it was back into the boat and on with the lessons we had planned. In the end it was just another wonderful morning of studying the aquatic life and ecology of the Okavango Delta with a very welcome distraction!

We have been fortunate to be seeing a lot of the wild dog since the end of their denning. It is a wonderful feeling to welcome their 12 pups to our little patch of Africa. While our guide training does not require the constant presence of predators, it is always a huge bonus.

Our students come from all over the world to enjoy these amazing courses. Think you have it in you? Join on of our epic adventures

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