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African Wild Dog
Wild dog on the hunt

Nature Guide Training Course – June 2017

So what’s been happening on our June Nature Guide Training Course?

A great mixutre of students from Botswana and elsewhere in the world came together at the remarkable Kwapa Training Camp to share in their love of the wilderness. This is an exciting time of the year to be at Kwapa Training Camp. With the transition from autumn to winter comes time for the wild dog to start denning. The brightly couloured birds and shy predators sit exposed in the early morning to absorb the sunshine. And for many the biggest hightlight, the floodwaters arrive and bring a wealth of life. Another great nature guide training course gets underway!

A morning tracking wildlife on foot

African Wild Dog
Wild dog on the hunt

When asked, Cam said “the highlight for me so far was the wild dogs! Being out there quietly learning the skills of tracking on foot and suddenly being in the frenzy of a hunt was incredible” Out of nowhere leaping impala appeared while the students were deeply engaged in a spoor identification excercise. Shortly after that wild dog were zig-zagging at full pace through the woodland in pursuit. “Although the kill happened out of sight, just being in the thick of things made this an unforgettable moment!”


Sleeping out under the stars

Sleepout in Africa
Sleeping out under the stars

Our students had another amazing brush with Kwapa’s predators after taking the mokoros downstream to sleep out on a remote island. This fly-camping is the closest you can get to nature. The students organized the shift roster for sitting guard duty for the night. It was shortly before mid-night when they heard the characteristic bark of some kudu cows. The guide trainer Jami had already taught the students that when a kuku barks, you pay attention. “With kudu alarm calls, there is no ambiguity” he said during their lecture on mammal behaviour. When the students shone in the bush, not a stone-throw from the camp, stood a lioness. Clearly on the move and hunting, the students watched the prowling lions continue past camp in search of a better meal.

A wonderful cultural exchange

To our sponsored student, Aubrey, the highlight was sharing his passion for the wilderness with a diverse group of people from around the world. “It gave me a great sense of pride in seeing people’s reaction to the beauty and wildlife of my country. I always knew that Botswana was special but seeing the apprecation of my country by people who have travelled extensively really made it real. Moving forward now in my career as a guide I have a better understanding not only of the wildlife, but the peolple that I will be guiding.

So what’s next at Kwapa Training Camp?

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 14.05.28 copyOur next nature guide training course is a Trails Guide Course starting later this month. Being a trails guide is for many field guides, the pinacle of their career. Being on foot in nature is so much more engaging. Here we focuss strongly on the art of tracking as well as approaching potentially dangerous animals on foot. We also practice some of the fun skills of survival and navigation in the African wilderness. Are you game for a safari guide training course?  Contact Us



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