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Order Carnivora Family Felidae- Felis caracal

Caracal are solitary and predominantly nocturnal predators with a stalk and pounce method of hunting. The prey is made up of mostly medium sized mammals and birds but exceptionally sprinbok and even adult impala are killed by males.
When threatened they will flatten their ears and snarl and hiss with the body flattened to the ground.
Caracal are home-range animals and females have smaller home-ranges than males. A dominant males home-range will overlap the home-range of 3-4 females and will constantly check the reproductive status of the resident females by testing where they have scent marked.
When a female is receptive the male will locate her and they will mate After a gestation period of 80 days an average of 2 cubs are born. They will spend about 10-12 months with the female before dispersing and will live to about 17 years. No reliable records of weaning age are available.