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Bat-eared Fox
Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared fox

Order Carnivora Family Canidae Otocyon megalotis
Bat-eared fox are omnivorous but the majority of the diet consists of arthropods. Rodents, birds, and fruit make up the remainder of the diet. They are diurnal in winter and nocturnal in summer.
Bat-eared fox have stable pair bonds and the male and female share a territory. The young from the previous year stay with the adults until close to the arrival of the next litter of pups and so they are usually seen in family groups.
An average of 5 pups are born down a burrow and the majority of births are around December. Average lifespan in the wild is 5 years.
The bat-eared fox has a unique tooth structure for eating invertebrates and can have more than 50 teeth which is more than any other African land mammal.