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Greater Kudu
Greater Kudu

Greater kudu

Sub-family Tragelaphinae  Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Kudu are independent of water. They are predominantly diurnal browsers with peak activity in the early morning and late afternoon but up to 40% of browsing may be done at night.
They are home-range animals and dominant bulls will have a home range that encompasses the home ranges of several cow herds. Fighting between kudu bulls is rare and most disputes over cows are settled by posturing. Mating takes place at the end of the rain season and after a 9 month gestation a single calf is born around January. The calf is hidden for the first 2 weeks and will wean after 6 months. The bulls horns only begin growing at 6 months. At the age of 2 the horn has completed its first full spiral. By 6 the horns have 2½ turns but will continue to grow slowly.
Kudu will live for about 18  years.
Vocalizations: The alarm bark is loud and almost baboon like.