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Scrub Hare
Scrub Hare

Scrub hare

Order Lagomorpha Family Leporidae- Lepus Saxatilus
Scrub hare are solitary nocturnal herbivores feeding primarily on grass. In order to aid digestion of the grass, hares will pass soft green pellets (mostly during the day time) and these are eaten again. This is known as coprophagy and for animals that eat course material such as grass and are not ruminants that can regurgitate and re-chew the food after swallowing. They have a large caecum to digest the cellulose. Coprophagy allows hares to extract elements such as vitamin B that would otherwise be lost and is also another way of further refining the material to get more out of the food.
They have home ranges. Peak breeding season is December to March and an average of 2 young are born and cared for by the female.