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Vervet Monkey
Vervet Monkey

Vervet monkey

Order Primates Family Cercopithecidae Cercopithecus aethiops
A highly gregarious diurnal primate that is predominantly vegetarian. They feed in troops foraging for fruit, seeds and flowers. They are recorded to raid bird nests taking both eggs and chicks and frequently eat insects such as grasshoppers and termites.
The troops are female-bonded groups with males dispersing from troop to troop but females remaining in their troop of birth. They are territorial and males and females have separate hierarchies with only dominant males having access to oestrus females. Higher ranking females are mated by the most dominant males. Allogrooming is an important element in affirming hierarchy and maintaining troop bonds. The higher the status of an individual, the more likely they are to be groomed by other monkeys.  Serious fighting is rare and most affirmation of hierarchy is done through posturing (body language).
They will have a single young throughout the year after a gestation of 160 days.
Vocalizations are advanced with different alarm calls for terrestrial predators, birds of prey and pythons. The young seem to know these calls and the danger that each one signifies instinctively. Average lifespan is 12 years.