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Wahlberg’s Burrowing Scorpion – Opistophthalmus wahlbergii

Burrowing Scorpion

Wahlberg’s Burrowing Scorpion What field guides should know: On both the FGASA and BQA guide courses you will learn how to distinguish between the more dangerous Buthidae and the more harmless Scorpionidae families. Obviously for safari guides this is critically important to know what measures to take when someone is stung. These common scorpions are mostly harmless with a sting …

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Bark Scorpion (Uroplectes sp)

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Transvaal Thick-tailed Scorpion- Parabuthus transvaalicus

Parabuthus transvaalicus

What field guides should know: This is an incredibly important species for all nature guides in Africa to know and an important component both in the FGASA and BQA courses due to the scorpions aggressive disposition and potent venom. On your nature guide course you will learn not only to identify these dangerous scorpions but also the vital first aid …

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About Scorpions

Scorpions Southern African scorpions fall into 2 families Buthidae and Scorpionidae. Family: Buthidae Genus:  Parabuthus (thick tailed scorpions) are very aggressive and will readily sting. The venom is highly toxic and human deaths have resulted from their sting. When disturbed, they raise their abdomen off the ground and curl their tail up tightly, ready to flick their tail forward. The …

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