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Parabuthus transvaalicus
Parabuthus transvaalicus- Transvaal thick-tailed scorpion

Transvaal Thick-tailed Scorpion- Parabuthus transvaalicus

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What field guides should know:

This is an incredibly important species for all nature guides in Africa to know and an important component both in the FGASA and BQA courses due to the scorpions aggressive disposition and potent venom.

On your nature guide course you will learn not only to identify these dangerous scorpions but also the vital first aid measures to deal with people being stung.

The venom is a potent neurotoxin mix with some powerful cardiotoxic elements that specifically affect the heart muscle. It is also able to squirt it’s venom into the eyes of smaller animals. This is used as a defense against animals such as honey badgers who prey on them.


This is a large, dark scorpion with a very thick tail and relatively thin pincers.


This scorpion occurs in the north, east and south-eastern parts of Botswana but is absent from the Kalahari. Several other similar species occur in the drier regions but it is beyond the scope of your FGASA training to identify these.

FGASA Level 1 Course

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