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Burrowing Scorpion
Burrowing Scorpion

Wahlberg’s Burrowing Scorpion – Opistophthalmus wahlbergii

Wahlberg’s Burrowing Scorpion

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What field guides should know:

On both the FGASA and BQA guide courses you will learn how to distinguish between the more dangerous Buthidae and the more harmless Scorpionidae families. Obviously for safari guides this is critically important to know what measures to take when someone is stung.
These common scorpions are mostly harmless with a sting similar to that of a paper wasp and no long lasting side-effects. They live underground where they dig elaborate and long burrows and emerge at night after rains to feed. They may also ambush prey. The main predator is honey-badgers that dig the scorpions out of their burrows while dormant.


Like all the Opistophthalmus scorpions it has stout pincers and a relatively thin tail. They are predominantly yellow in colour. This is a very complex genus of scorpions and separating the species goes well beyond the scope of our guide training course.


They are most common in the dry regions of the Kalahari but are widely distributed in lower densities throughout most of Botswana.

FGASA Level 1 Course

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