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Snakes Images

Mozambiqe spitting cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique spitting cobra Family: Elapidae Naja mossambica reaches 1.5m and colour varies from a grey to dark brown. In northern Botswana they are have a warm tinge of salmon. The black under-skin often shows through the scales. It has a cream underbelly with blotchy black band/s across the throat. Nocturnal/diurnal but more active at night. Food: the diet includes rodents, …

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Snouted cobra

Snouted Cobra

Snouted cobras . Naja annulifera can exceed 2m when fully grown. The colour varies through all shades of brown on the back whilst the under parts are cream coloured with dark blotching and a black band across the throat.  Nocturnal. Defence: similar to the Cape cobra, it lifts the front of the body erect and spreads its hood. It has …

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Brown house snake

Brown House Snake

Brown House Snake is common over much of it’s range but not frequently seen in northern Botswana. It is primarily nocturnal. It is harmless, killing it’s prey through constriction. The white eye-stripe is diagnostic.

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Black mamba

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is one of the most feared snakes in the world. Attaining a length of over 4 meters, capable of speeds of up to 15km/hr (very fast for a snake) and equipped with an extremely fast working neurotoxin make this snake formidable. However it is not aggressive. It has a nervous disposition and when threatened bites readily and repeatedly. …

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