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Snouted Cobra
Snouted Cobra

Snouted cobra

Snouted cobras . Naja annulifera can exceed 2m when fully grown. The colour varies through all shades of brown on the back whilst the under parts are cream coloured with dark blotching and a black band across the throat.  Nocturnal.

Defence: similar to the Cape cobra, it lifts the front of the body erect and spreads its hood. It has fixed front fangs

Note: Anchieta’s cobra (closely related to the snouted cobra) is similar in most visual respects to the snouted cobra however the distribution of A.c is the far north and north-western areas of southern Africa.)

Food: the diet includes rodents, frogs, reptiles and young birds.

Habitat: Prefers the eastern and north-eastern parts of southern Africa where it is wetter and warmer than the south and western areas Reproduction: Oviparous

Venom: Neurotoxic.