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Flower Crab Spider

Flower Crab Spider

Study With Safari Guides in Botswana

What field guides should know:

On our Nature Guide courses you will learn how to differentiate between the mygalomorph and araeneomorph spiders. It is important for a safari guide to be able to change the fear many people have for spiders into a fascination for these incredible animals.
This particular species of flower crab spider (Thomisidae family) is perfectly camouflaged on the white-tipped Hemizigia where it hunts for small insects by ambushing them. There are many different species, each of which specializes in mimicing the colours of specific flowers. Some species of these flower crab spiders can change their colour over several days to mimic another species of plant so they are not restricted to just one flower.


On your nature guide or ecology training course with us you will only delve into spiders at a family level and you will not be expected to tell the difference between the genera.


These spiders are common in the Okavango and other sub-tropical areas of Botswana and less so through the Kalahari.

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