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Rain Tree Philenoptera violacea

Rain tree Philenoptera violacea

The rain tree is a very common tree in the Okavango Delta.    

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Mundulea sericea Cork Bush

Cork Bush - Mundulea sericea

Cork Bush grows as a small tree and is easily overlooked in the Okavango Delta except when flowering.

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Terminalia prunoides Purple-pod Terminalia

Terminalia prunoides

Purple-pod Terminalia is a common tree in the drier areas of the southern Okavango and grows into an impressive tree. For much of the year it carries the purple coloured pods that gives the plant its name and make identification fairly easy.

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Terminalia sericea Silver Cluster Leaf

Terminalia sericea

This is a common tree in the deepest Kalahari sands of the Okavango.

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Acacia tortillis Umbrella Thorn

Umbrella Thorn - Acacia tortillis

The Umbrella Thorn is the quintessential African tree with the classic Acacia shape. It grows primarily in floodplain in northern Botswana and can tolerate mild flooding but if inundated with water for a couple of years without the soil drying out, they will perish. Favoured by elephants and largely absent where there are high densities of elephant.

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Boscia albitrunca Shepard’s Tree

Sheperd's Tree - Boscia albitrunca

The Shepard’s Tree is a protected species in Botswana. It is an excellent shade tree growing in some of the most hostile areas of the country. The tree is a nutritious browsing plant for herbivores.

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Ziziphus mucronata Buffalo Thorn

Buffalo Thorn - Ziziphus mucronata

Buffalo thorn is a small tree with grey, fissured bark with sparse rounded crown. It has a tap root. The leaves simple, shiny,  asymmetrical with 3 veins from the base (this separates it from all other species at Kwapa Training Camp. The flowers are small and creamy-yellow and appear during summer. The fruits were used as a coffee substitute; some …

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