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Walking With Weapons

Walking with weapons

Trail Guiding Course At Okavango Guiding School

Imagine being deep in the African Bush, the blazing sun beating down while beads of sweat trickle down your forehead. It’s just you, your fellow trainees, the magnificent African plain and your rifle.

Suddenly the trees shake, birds scatter while leaving behind an ear-shuttering screech. Approaching from the deep dark shadows of the African bush appears a majestic lion, he lets out a powerful roar. Your pulse races, adrenaline kicks in, you feel your heart beating out of your chest as you find yourself face to face with this beautiful African beast.


Imagine experiencing this first hand? Training to become a Trails Guide is physically demanding. Every day you will be doing muscle memory drills to learn perfect shooting co-ordination and muscle fatigue is commonplace. We spend a large amount of time on foot with our weapons and some of the walks are long and extend into the heat of the day and often through floodplains that are waist deep.


“It was outstanding it was beyond my imagination I had some images of what it was going to be like but it just over classed on many levels. I must say the chasing the lion in the evening was good and I think the climax which is not an exciting climax but just the openness of the fields here are just amazing kilometers of sight. You can have so things but in terms of how this has been set up and the level of pragmatism and flexibility throughout the day just tops. It’s far beyond how I’ve ever been on any holiday.”
Berry, Holland.

The physical discomfort aside, this course offers a student an opportunity to experience Africa as few people ever will. The course requires complete commitment from the participants.

Part of this exciting experience involves an Advance Rifle Handing Couse (ARH) which will be conducted at the NG30 concession (Kwapa) borders as part of the Trail Guide Course.

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Trails guide skills (2)-w1000-h1000
Guiding skills-w1000-h1000

Who are our typical students?

  • People looking to reconnect with themselves, who are searching for a back-to-basics bush skills experience that will help them recharge, renew, and reboot
  • Seasoned safari goers who now seek a deeper, more holistic, African wilderness experience
  • School- and/or university leavers who are looking for a life-changing gap-year experience
  • People with a spirit of adventure who are looking beyond a typical backpacking experience
  • Aspiring Guides
  • Experienced guides wishing to further enrich their knowledge and skills


“Super, great camaraderie, a great group of people thrown together from Holland and Kiwi Land and the fellows here were fantastic. Most precious memory to me is Mike Reid for his ability to be able to transport us into the world of Botswana, his world, the technical detailing from the brothers, right up to the stars everything in between the trees, the birds, animals, it’s what I’m here for. This has been a wonderful experience really.”
Bruce, New Zealand

 What will you learn and experience?

Our diverse activities will expose you to all facets of wilderness guiding:

  • Game walks including approaching big game on foot
  • Game driving skills
  • Mokoro (dugout canoe), poling skills – depending on water levels
  • Motorboating – depending on water levels
  • Theory lectures and power point presentations on potentially dangerous animals (PDA) behavior
  • Tracking, survival techniques, and navigation
  • Basic weapons handling
  • Practical shooting with a large caliber rifle
  • Air rifle accuracy training
  • Muscle memory for shooting co-ordination
  • Speed shooting drills
  • Speed shooting assessment
  • Wilderness sleep outs
Poling mokoros (dug-out canoe) in the Delta-w1000-h1000
Walking in the wild skills (4)-w1000-h1000

Course length:

14 Day – USD 3253 per person
28 Day – USD 6506 per person


20% deposit to confirm booking.  Balance due six weeks prior to departure.  Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (card payments carry a 5% service charge). Please see our booking conditions for more information.


No prior experience is required.

What your course fee includes:

  • Tented accommodation
  • All meals at Kwapa Camp
  • Drinking water, tea, and coffee
  • All training and activities
  • One scheduled transfer from Maun to Kwapa Camp and return


14 Day – USD 3253 per person
28 Day – USD 6506 per person

What your course fee excludes:

  • Unscheduled transfers to/from Kwapa Camp
  • Travel Insurance
  • All flights
  • Personal effects, including toiletries
  • Staff gratuities
  • Drinks other than those mentioned above can be purchased in Maun before leaving for Kwapa Camp
  • FGASA/ BQA registration and exam fees


Min and max numbers:

The course runs to a max of 8

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