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Wildflowers Images


Confetti Bush - Gymnosporia senegalensis

Confetti bush is a common plant in northern Botswana and is found throughout the Okavango Delta.

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Wild Stockrose - Hibiscus

Wild Stockrose is a common plant in the Okavango. There are several Hibiscus species known as wild stockrose that are similar.

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Orthanthera jasminiflora Jasmine Creeper

Jasmine Creeper - Orthanthera jasminiflora

The Jasmine Creeper is common on very sandy soils in the Okavango. The seed pod is edible.

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Rhigozum brevispinosum Western Rhigozum

Rhigozum brevispinosum

The Western Rhigozum is a common plant on the shallow soils with underlying calcrete in the Kalahari and southern Okavango. Less common on other substrates. Spectacular plant when in flower but at other times it is an inconspicuous plant. Mostly under 2m in height, multi-stemmed with small, simple leaves.

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Tragia okanyua

Stinging Nettle - Tragus okanyua

This nettle is common in shady areas of the Okavango and causes intense irritation when it brushes against exposed skin

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Clerodendrum uncinatum Cats Claw

Clerodendrum uncinatum

Cats Claw is one of the only flowering plants to bloom in the winter months. The bright orange flowers are a wonderful splash of colour at an otherwise bleak time of the year for flowers. The plant has sharp recurved thorns similar to the claws of a domestic cat.

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