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Tropical boubou

Tropical Boubou

Tropical Boubou occurs in the far north and north-east of Botswana but is absent from the Okavango where it is replaced by the very similar Swamp Boubou. The swamp boubou usually lacks any of the salmon wash on the underparts.

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Chin-spot batis

Chin-spot Batis

A common bird in the savannah and woodlands throughout the mesic savannah and woodlands of Botswana. Often in mixed feeding parties.

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Yellow-breasted apalis

Yellow-breasted Apalis

This is a common bird in the Okavango Delta and is often found in mixed feeding parties in savannah and woodland habitats.

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Collared sunbird

Collared Sunbird

Okavango Delta Botswana

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Eastern clapper Lark

Clapper Lark

This Kalahari species does not occur in the Okavango but is common through the drier areas of Botswana.

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Skimmer Dragonfly – Orthetrum Sp


These medium to large fast flying dragonflies are prodigious predators of other smaller dragonflies. They are almost impossible to identify to species level unless you have them in the hand and look at the reproductive organs under a magnifying glass and refer to the key. In birding LBJ’s refers to the impossible Little Brown Jobs and in dragonflies these are …

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Pied Spot Dragonfly – Hemistigma Albipunctum


This medium to small dragonfly gets the name Hemistigma from hemi- half and stigma- tatoo referring to the half inked pterostigma (the coloured spot in the wing). Albipuncta refers to albi- half and puncta- spot. They favour well vegetated wetlands and swampy environments.

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Phantom Flutterer Dragonfly – Rhyothemis Semihyalina


This medium size, slow flying dragonfly has a very distinct wing pattern. The species name semihyalina comes from semi- half hyalina- transparent. They are common in summer time and often seen well away from water.

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Monard’s Dropwing – Trithemis Monardi


Mondard’s dropwing is a small to medium/small dragonfly common in the Okavango. It is very similar to the red-veined dropwing however the amber area at the base of the wing extends beyond the discoidal cell (prominent triangular cell in the wing). Prefers habitats of running water with reeds.

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Darting Cruiser Dragonfly – Phyllomacromia Picta


This large fast flying dragonfly has metalic green eyes and the body is a combination of dark and yellow banding. The thorax has 3 yellow bands that help to distinguish it from similar species. They may perch but often hang from a branch. Wide-spread and often far from water but prefers to breed in large bodies of still water.

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