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Our team of highly knowledgeable and passionate trainers will teach you to interpret behaviour and understand the complex and fascinating ecology of the species that are found here.
African Guide Academy has a team of safari guide trainers that are unsurpassed in their qualifications and experience.

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Grant Reed

Born into a family of naturalists, Grant put up little resistance and by the age of 5 he had a modest collection of snakes and a fascination with birds. A childhood in the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountains was the perfect place to nurture this passion and by his early teens he shared an impressive collection of reptiles with his brother Brent. The constant hunting for prey for the captive snakes sparked an interest in frogs, small mammals, nesting birds and other elements of wildlife.

Grant would often join his father Mike on walks he would lead for the Wildlife Society of South Africa for birders, tree-lovers and general wildlife enthusiasts. At the tender age of 16 Grant became the youngest Senior Honorary Ranger for the Wildlife Society of South Africa as well as qualifying as a botanical guide with the National Botanical Institute, and so began his guiding career.

Grant continued his weekend guiding while completing a National Diploma in Nature Conservation through Pretoria Technikon. He completed his in-service training in the Kruger National Park and moved to Botswana in 1996. Grant went on to do a post-graduate degree in Nature Conservation and did his thesis on waterfowl census.

In 2001 Grant and his brother Brent started the highly successful mobile safari company- Letaka Safaris and in the following year they registered Okavango Guiding School. Grant has become one of the most highly qualified guides and trainers in the industry, having completed his FGASA Special Knowledge and Skills (SKS) Dangerous Animals, SKS Birding and SKS Wildflowers and his passion for learning and teaching continues…

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JC Chittaden.jpg

Over the past 7 years, JC has been building his qualifications and experience as a nature guide. His journey in the field began back in 2016.

His love for animals and nature was kindled when he was just a child, fueled by a deep curiosity and unwavering passion for the bush. He began tracking snakes and saving injured animals.

Despite not being born in Africa, he relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a nature guide. He has gained specialized training in ornithology and his interest in the medicinal applications of local plants is almost unrivalled. 

The experience JC has gained empowers him to share the most up-to-date knowledge with his students. His joy in connecting with nature is as immense as his enthusiasm for teaching others. As a mentor, he takes great pride in instilling people with a profound respect for nature and ethical interactions within it. He has achieved BQA Professional level 3 and Lead Trails guide qualification. 

"The bush is an unquenched fire that consumes me. This life chose me" 

JC Chinappen

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Born and raised in the Okavango delta, in a small village called Etsha 13. This village is close to the "Panhandle" where the pristine Okavango delta begins. With almost  20 years of experince as a nature guide, Sevara was considered among the top guides in the country before his evolution to training the next generation of guides.

Sevara's  passion on flora and fauna is second to none and having been born in the Okavango wilderness, it is truly in his DNA. Having great leadership skills, Sevara elavated himself to Camp managing position,  where he was in charge of running the day to day operation of the camp and training of staff. He holds a Botswana full guide license,  he is a full qualified walking guide with an enormous number hours on foot. He also has an Advanced  Diploma in Hospitality Management.

Sevara truly is passionate about sharing his vast knowledge and experience with his students.

Sevara Katsotso

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