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Field guide books. While we have a comprehensive library you may want to bring along the following books:-


  • Bird book: Birds of southern Africa by either Newman or Sasol

  • Mammals behaviour: Wild Ways by Peter Apps or Safari Companion by R. D. Estes (more in-depth about animal behavior)

  • Mammal field guide: Field guide to Mammals of Southern Africa by Chris and Tilde Stuart or Smither’s Mammals of Southern Africa

  • Books of Flora: Trees of the Okavango and Wildflowers of the Okavango by Veronica Roodt are the best for the Delta.

  • A general field guide: Okavango Field Guide by Gutteridge & Reumerman is a very good book with a broad selection of all fauna and flora of the Okavango and is a great book to have.

  • further books - FGASA Bookshop



  • Botswana Wildlife Guide - iPhone

  • Botswana Wildlife Guide - Android

  • Starwalk 2 or Pocket Universe

  • Roberts birds of Southern Africa

  • highly recommended-eTrees of Southern Africa

  • eFrogs–Frogs of Southern Africa

  • Butterflies of Southern Africa

  • Google Earth (You will need to view the Kwapa region on the app before coming so that it is stored in the memory cache of the app)

  • Minipedeia allows you to access Wikipedia articles offline. You have to preload offline articles.

  • Birdlasseris a great app that allows citizen scientists to contribute to our knowledge of birds distribution and movements. It is also a great way of keeping a trip list and a life list of birds.

  • eSnakes Southern Africa

  • Mammals Southern Africa

  • Motion X GPS. With the paid version of this app you can pre-download the map-tiles for the Kwapa region and have satellite view of the terrain around you. You may also request the .gpx file from us to pre-download with all the roads of the concession.



If you already want to tune into the African wilderness, we can suggest the following films:
  • Into the Okavango
  • The Flood - Nat Geo WILD
  • Eternal Enemies

  • Savage Kingdom (not as educational but gives a good feel about Botswana and predator dynamics)

  • Into the Dragon’s Lair

  • Ivory: A crime story

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