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Super, great camaraderie, a great group of people thrown together from Holland and Kiwi Land and the fellows here were fantastic. Most precious memory to me is Mike Reid for his ability to be able to transport us into the world of Botswana, his world, the technical detailing from the brothers, right up to the stars everything in between the trees, the birds, animals, it’s what I’m here for. This has been a wonderful experience really.

Bruce, New Zealand


It was outstanding it was beyond my imagination I had some images of what it was going to be like but it just over classed on many levels. I must say the chasing the lion in the evening was good and I think the climax which is not an exciting climax but just the openness of the fields here are just amazing kilometers of sight. You can have so things but in terms of how this has been set up and the level of pragmatism and flexibility throughout the day just tops. It’s far beyond how I’ve ever been on any holiday.

Berry, Holland


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