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A truly unique experience

- Immerse yourself in nature and learn to understand the intricate and fascinating ecological interactions

- Learn the primitive skills of tracking African wildlife on foot

- Gain the skills required to be in amongst Africa's potentially dangerous animals  on foot, vehicle, boat and mokoro

- Study the art of guiding in one of the most spectacular classrooms on Earth

What are you waiting for?

at African Guide Academy we do it all and more…

Most Popular Guide Courses

An unforgettable week of being fully immersed in nature and an incredible adventure on trail.


An incredible experience on foot in the Okavango. A classic mix of the primitive trails and slack-packing. Whether you are a trails guide looking to log a large number of hours in a short period of time, or an African enthusiast wanting the ultimate immersive experience, this course is for you!

Come and learn how to identify animals by their tracks, interpret  their behaviour and use these clues to find them in the Wilderness of Botswana. 


A 7-day course to get you into the ancient skill of tracking and trailing wildlife in the Okavango. Great as a short course, or a prep course for our longer Trails Guide Course and Nature Guide Course.

This detailed 14 or 28-day course provides the student with an
in-depth knowledge of the African Wilderness. This course is longer as students need to grasp each aspect of the modules.

Imagine being deep in the African Bush, the blazing sun beating down while beads of sweat trickle down your forehead. It’s just you, your fellow trainees, the magnificent African plain and your rifle.


This 14 or 28-day course provides the student with an in-depth knowledge of walking on foot through the African Wilderness. Covering dangerous scenarios that they might encounter.

Feel Africa’s pulse on our ‘learn from experience’ nature guiding course in the Okavango Delta, as we affordably bring the classroom to the wilderness for you in one of Africa’s last true Eden.


Special Courses

Our school caters for anyone who is deeply curious about nature and is eager to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, through their interactions with nature in a pristine African wilderness setting.

New exciting course in the


This course is co-instructed by a top birding guide as well as a master bird ringer and offers a unique combination of hands on bird ringing and exposure to bird guiding skills.

Individual courses available


African Guide Academy also offers private safari guide training courses for individuals who would like a more personal training experience or groups who want to focus on specific aspects of training such as walking guiding, weapons training, bird guiding etc.

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