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The Trails Guide Course is held at our Kwapa Training Camp on the Kwapa River in the southern Okavango Delta. Training to become a Trails Guide is more physically demanding than other courses.

Why do a Trails Guide Course...?

There is no better way to experience the African bush than to be immersed in the wilderness on foot. The intricacies of nature are often missed when you are driving around on a vehicle. There is something truly special about practicing the ancient skills of tracking and walking among Africa's big game.

You will learn how to approach potentially dangerous game on foot using the wind and cover to disguise your presence. Every nuance of behaviour becomes important and you will learn to read the wildlife in a way that is not possible driving around in a vehicle.

Training to become a Trails Guide is more physically demanding than typical nature guide courses. Every day you will be doing muscle memory drills to learn and perfect shooting co-ordination as well as walking good distances through the bush. Muscle fatigue is part of the experience.