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The Trails Guide Course is held at our Kwapa Training Camp on the Kwapa River in the southern Okavango Delta. Training to become a Trails Guide is more physically demanding than other courses.

Why do a Trails Guide Course...?

There is no better way to experience the African bush than to be immersed in the wilderness on foot. The intricacies of nature are often missed when you are driving around on a vehicle. There is something truly special about practicing the ancient skills of tracking and walking among Africa's big game.

You will learn how to approach potentially dangerous game on foot using the wind and cover to disguise your presence. Every nuance of behaviour becomes important and you will learn to read the wildlife in a way that is not possible driving around in a vehicle.

Training to become a Trails Guide is more physically demanding than typical nature guide courses. Every day you will be doing muscle memory drills to learn and perfect shooting co-ordination as well as walking good distances through the bush. Muscle fatigue is part of the experience. 



  • People looking to reconnect with themselves, who are searching for a back-to-basics bush skills experience that will help them recharge, renew, and reboot

  • Seasoned safari goers who now seek a deeper, more holistic, African wilderness experience

  • School- and/or university-leavers who are looking for a life-changing gap-year experience

  • People with a spirit of adventure who are looking beyond a typical back-packing experience

  • Already qualified vehicle-based guides who want to take their guiding to the next level.

  • Experienced trails guides who want more mentored walking hours and encounters with potentially dangerous animals on foot.

  • Important: As an enrichment student you are expected to participate as a trainee guide and part of the team. While many people do this course as a life experience, rather than to one day become a guide, it is a training course and not a cheap safari!

Learn & Experience

  • Game walks including approaching big game on foot

  • Game driving skills

  • Mokoro (dugout canoe), poling skills – depending on water levels

  • Motorboating – depending on water levels

  • Theory lectures and power point presentations on potentially dangerous animals (PDA) behavior

  • Tracking, survival techniques, and navigation

  • Basic weapons handling

  • Practical shooting with a large caliber rifle

  • Air rifle accuracy training

  • Muscle memory for shooting co-ordination

  • Speed shooting drills

  • Speed shooting assessment

  • Wilderness sleep outs


The physical discomfort aside, this course offers a student an opportunity to experience Africa as few people ever will. The course requires complete commitment from the participants.

Part of this exciting experience involves an Advance Rifle Handling Course (ARH) which will be conducted at the NG30 concession (Kwapa) borders as part of the Trail Guide Course.


Course length:
14 or 28 days

no prior experience is required.

There is no minimum group size. Maximum group size is 8 exclusive of one sponsored local student.


Maun Airport or self-drive to Maun


  • Tented accommodation

  • All meals at Kwapa Camp

  • Drinking water, tea and coffee

  • All training and activities

  • One scheduled transfer from Maun to Kwapa Camp and return


  • Unscheduled transfers to/from Kwapa Camp

  • Travel Insurance

  • All flights

  • Personal effects, including toiletries

  • Staff gratuities

  • Drinks other than those mentioned above can be purchased in Maun before leaving for Kwapa Camp

  • FGASA/ BQA registration and exam fees


For enrichment purposes and the BQA qualification, no prior experience is required for this course. However, for the FGASA qualification, students must have successfully completed the Field Guide NQF2 qualification.

It is important to note however, you cannot qualify as a back-up trails guide if you do not have your nature guiding qualification. When coming on this course it is assumed that you either have this knowledge or you are content with learning the trails guide skills without this. 

Being a trails guide is the pinnacle of nature guiding. It is not possible to lead people on trail and interpret nature without the core knowledge of ecology, geology, mammals, birds, fish, frogs etc.

The full trails guide qualification requires that you pass your nature guiding exam, your ARH (advanced rifle handling), your VPDA (view potentially dangerous animals on foot), your trails assessment and your trails guide theory exam.

For every four-week course we conduct, we sponsor one local guide

To preserve our unique habitat for future generations, we give something back to local communities by sponsoring one deserving local guide for every four-week course we run for international students. Last year we donated more than USD 50 000 in training to local communities who are ultimately the custodians of one of Africa’s last remaining true wilderness areas.

Letaka Safari

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Luxury Lodges

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