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About Scorpions

Updated: May 27, 2022


Southern African scorpions fall into 2 families Buthidae and Scorpionidae.

Family: Buthidae

GenusParabuthus (thick tailed scorpions) are very aggressive and will readily sting. The venom is highly toxic and human deaths have resulted from their sting.

When disturbed, they raise their abdomen off the ground and curl their tail up tightly, ready to flick their tail forward. The tails have powerful muscles and can inject venom deep into the victim. They are identified by having large and thick tails and stings whereas the pincers are small and smooth. The female is bigger than the male. These are the dominant scorpions and competition with other scorpion families is reduced as the other species hunt at different times.

Parabuthus granulates

  • it occurs throughout Botswana;grows up to 16cm long;

  • it is identified by its orange (Kalahari) to dark brown in some area;

  • although the tail is thick the sting is thin;

  • it burrows in thick sand at the base of vegetation;

  • it actively seeks prey;

  • it is the most venomous species in southern Africa.

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