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New FGASA Trails Guide Requirements 2018

So what are the new FGASA Trails Guide Requirements? Trails Guide qualifications, with regards to hours, has been reviewed to ensure that high standards are set and maintained. The decision by the Standards Committee to change the number of hours came due to the demand from members, pressure from Insurance organisations and increased incidents in the field. And it has become apparent Lodges and Reserves are placing pressure on unqualified guides to walk guests.

AGA Trails Guide Training
Trails Guide Training

Key changes to note:

All logbooks are to be signed by the Standards Director, with immediate effect

Also changed in the FGASA terminology, “Back up Trails” has been changed to Apprentice Trails Guide

Furthermore, Trails Guide trainers must have Professional Trails Guide qualifications.  Also required is a minimum of 5 years’ experience at this level and or 8 years  in the industry.

FGASA has increased the 150 hours required to a total of 200 hours, broken up as follows:

To become an apprentice Trails Guide you will require 50 hours as a participant or back-up. And you will need 10 encounters

To upgrade to Full Trails Guide

You must already have your Apprentice Trails  Guide qualification. As such you would have already logged 50 hours and 10 encounters, In addition to this you will need to log:

  • 50 hours 1st rifle

  • 50 hours 2nd rifle

  • Total of 50 encounters – Overall Total encounters 60 (10 + 50)

Your final 50 hours must be with a Trails Guide/Mentor in the field with paying guests. This is a mentorship period. FGASA will assist and advise all current guides in the process of obtaining their Trails to achieve this over the next 12 months.

So if you want to come and do your FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide Course with us, please check out our next course.

We are currently running a course at Kwapa Training Camp. Our students are alreaday well ahead of their required hours and have encountered rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion and more…

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